Sunday, February 26, 2012

Affogato Espresso Bar

Affogato Espresso Bar
29 Hardware Ln
Melbourne, VIC 3000
L had Grilled Chicken with capsicum salsa. At 16.50, it was good value for 3 chicken skewers, salad, and roti (?). The chicken was strong, tart and lemony, which mellowed out when combined with yoghurt. The roti was much too hard [it was amusing watching her stab at it :P] whereas the salad lacked dressing. The lemon lime bitters agreed with her.
I had the Grilled Lamb backstrap. Personally, I like it when they serve food on a chopping board. It’s a step up from the food court tray. The serving of lamb was very small and there was an inconsistency with the wedges and ratatouille (very peppery). Some of the potato was undercooked, whereas the zucchini was either tender, or overcooked and became mushy. The salad came with a sweet/sour dressing that earned my approval.
 As a traditional end to the day, we headed off to Cacao Green for a serving of yoghurt.
L's Original Yoghurt with Blueberry Compote
A day eating is a day well spent.

Total (excluding yoghurt): Around $40

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  1. Worthless Breakfast location
    Toast and scrambled egg were cold and they do not clean the tables on time.
    Everything was served cold..
    Brekky for two people 60 dollars just for two dishes