Friday, March 16, 2012

Dainty Sichuan

Dainty Sichuan
176 Toorak Rd
South Yarra, VIC3141

Across the road from South Yarra Station is the so-very-aptly-named restaurant which gives one the idea the owner must have a sense of humour.

I found the tasting experience a favourable one to the point of piling the Ma Po Tofu in my bowl despite a faint burning down the back of my throat and a nose in a marathon. Being the first dish I tried, I braced myself for the burning effect of chilli sauce - which came in a comparatively lower intensity. Don't skip out on the rice though, you'll need it to combat the brackish mince. The piquant sauce was a nice contrast to the delicate tofu.
The Sweet and Sour Pork Ribs was the baby of the family and arrived in the smallest plate. Didn't get to try the dish since it was mainly for the non-chilli eaters. I did try the sauce with some rice however and that made a positive impression.
Stir Fried Spinach to balance out the heat.
Vegetable Mix with Tofu. I was surprised they got the broccoli right as most Asian places I've been to drown it in sauce so it becomes too soft and unappetising. The green beans were drier and less crisp, but the mushrooms didn't reek :D
I burnt my tongue twice with the Hot Spicy Beef Slices. Temperature wise it was scalding so I couldn't swallow it properly; eventually the chilli oil set in and pain just laughed at me. Spiciness level was definitely a step up from the tofu, as was trying to find the chewy beef slices since it was just a dark mass.
If you decide you can't take the heat, you can always request a non-spicy version of a dish. We decided on Crispy Sichuan Duck. Again I left this one alone (not a fan of duck either)
Don't expect quality service here. Not a smile to be seen amongst the waiters/waitresses and the woman who served us was rather snappy. Food was swiftly plated up.

We were the first customers to arrive and were secluded in the back area since we were a group of seven. It wasn't until we left that we realised the front area was completely filled with other chattering adventurers.

I mentally saluted them and left with blocked ears (but I'll be back!)

Price: $124.20 

As a measure for how I handle spiciness:
The chilli oil dumplings from Dumpling Plus had me snivelling, and I needed two ice cubes to balance out a miniscule bite of Crazy Wings.
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