Monday, March 12, 2012

KimChi Tray

KimChi Tray
Shop 2 294 Flinders St
Melbourne, VIC's Labour Day today which meant not many places were open. After an extended trek from the wrong end of Flinders street, I was up to tackle any Korean place (I was hungry, but I'm still going to be picky about cuisines)

Within 10 minutes of ordering, the Bi Bim Bap was served on the promised tray looking nice and proper save for the plastic bottle of chilli sauce...and that's about all the compliments I can pay. The egg rolls were cold and tasteless, and the bean shoots bordered on sour (refreshing is a good euphemism). The only ingredient which wasn't so dead in flavour was the beef and the amount of chilli sauce I added in to liven it up. 

I can't bring myself to recommend this place even for students. Surely there are better options?

Price: $11.90

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EDIT: No idea how I could have been so stupid (no wait, it runs in the family) as to have described the egg rolls as 'cold' when that should have been painfully obvious. Do ignore that, sorry ^^;


  1. the egg rolls were cold because it is a cold dish :P

    1. thanks for pointing that out xD I'll keep that in mind next time :)