Thursday, March 22, 2012


Shop 2, 168 Bourke Street
Melbourne, VIC3000

We ordered a Masterpiece and got a compilation of rough drafts.

The jam was amazing with its half and half flavour: your tastebuds will be attacked by this sour monstrosity and simultaneously suffer through a ridiculous amount of sugar. Spreading it on the pancakes aren't going to help.
I don't see what's special about the ice cream. There's a hint of taro, there's a spot of coconut. It melts. Moving on: the wafer has become soggy and none of us want to give it a try.

Green tea mousse was thick and lacking in taste. A nice surprise (visually) of red bean greets you if you get to the bottom, then you resume the mechanical action of jab, swallow, jab, swallow. Skip taste and savour.

Glutinous balls were extra chewy and the peanut powder and sesame kept it from being a bore.

Final thoughts are, compromising taste for presentation is absurd, especially at such a ridiculous price. Best try your luck someplace else.

Price: $25
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