Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Taiwan Cafe

Taiwan Cafe
273 Swanston St 
Melbourne, VIC 3000

It is frustratingly hard trying to live on $5 a week, especially if you particularly love food and consider it as your main form of entertainment (what else is there to do in the CBD?) So L very kindly shouted me lunch today :D

I've been here several times before and not once were they ever great experiences, but the place is convenient, cheap and I was feeling for Asian food - so why not?

L was ravenous and ordered Soup noodles with deep fried chicken*. From previous visits, the chicken isn't as crispy as it looks but it is juicy and is flavoured with some spice I'm not familiar with - if you've been, do enlighten me?

I had a Sweet and sour fish bento box*consisting of a few tablespoons of peas and corn, an egg, rice topped with mince, greens and a large piece of deep fried fish. The sweet and sour sauce came fresh out of the fridge in a separate little dipping plate.
I didn't appreciate the mince as it took away the 'neutrality' of the rice. Those edible white beads are for vanquishing unpleasantly strong flavours and are to be left alone D<
The fish was flaky and bland, so it was up to the sauce to save the day. 

Finally came the Pan fried pork dumplings. These guys are always the last to arrive on the table, but if you're not in a hurry and you've other foods to occupy your time, go for it. The skin is crispy and the filling is satisfying with a large ratio of pork and flavoursome soup.
The queue can become notoriously long which will build up your appetite if you weren't already starving. The interior is also very cramped - I'd advise you do the majority of your shopping after eating :)

Total: $28.30

*These aren't the names that were written on the menu. Guess who forgot the receipt again?
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