Friday, April 13, 2012

Izakaya Chuji

Izakaya Chuji
165 Lonsdale St
Melbourne, VIC3000

Are the type of person to make plans and stick with them? Or do you set out with a vague idea of what you'll be doing, take a detour and end up far away from the intended destination?

Experimenting with photoscape..
..because photoshop costs. Food is a better investment.
Having won tickets to see Max and Paul's 'In No Particular Order' @ Fad Gallery, T & I stopped by Izukaya Chuji for dinner. Fortunately there were still seats, though the waiters were busy rushing to and from each table. Following a short delay we were directed to a table which was rather 'tipsy' and wobbled about on it's foot. Rather than each ordering a main dish,we opted for three entrees and two desserts, expecting modest portions.
After studying Japanese for four years, all I've come away with is how to ask where someone lives (there's a stalker within me, but my favourite celebrities live in different continents ;__;), how to count and the names of foods so I was excited to understand what Yasai Yaki meant :D The english version on the menu was more detailed however, declaring this plate to be vegetables grilled with teriyaki sauce. Everything had been cooked to a soggy consistency with the exception of the sweet potato slices that were still approaching tenderness.

Take note I've never tried eggplant before, so I'm unsure if the texture of the skin is supposed to be that tough, akin to a 2L milk carton.
By the time all the starters were served it was already 8.15 and the show started in 15 minutes. The regulation beef dish: Gyu Sashi (tender rare beef slices served with special sauce) were very tender and offered little resistance as I hurriedly chewed and swallowed. The sauce was unexpectedly sweet.
 I've never been good with dismantling any food with bones, so I only got through one of the Teba (deep-fried chicken wings with garlic). The sauce tasted like what was served with the beef; garlic was nonexistent.
Taiyaki (waffle pancake with sweetened red bean paste & ice cream). Matcha flavour of the ice cream was prominent. By this time I was just putting spoon after spoon into mouth so not much else registered ^^;  If a food stand selling taiyaki were to pop up in the CBD for $2-3 each, I'd be a regular customer. But $10 for this tiny bowl was ridiculous.
 T's Dorayaki (sponge pancake with sweetened red bean paste & ice cream)

Alas, speed eating was for naught. We went overtime with dinner and decided to catch a half-price show instead, then ended up paying full price anyway to see the lovable Sammy J & Randy ^^;

Five minutes before the show was scheduled to begin we realised we didn't know where along Flinders street was the Forum so we had to sprint back to the Town Hall for directions and endured a terrible run uphill. We're not the fittest people.

I love the duo and never expected to see one of their shows so soon, so while I wasn't clutching my stomach and suffering from painful laughter, the show was still a blast :)

Prices: Teba              $9.80
            Gyu sashi        $13
            Yasai yaki       $7.80
            Small rice x2   $3 each
            Taiyaki            $10
            Dorayaki         $10
Total:                         $56.60

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