Sunday, July 29, 2012

Henry and the Fox - BrimCC

Henry and the Fox 
525 Little Collins St, CBD

The fact that we came here two days in a row is a good hint that we like Henry and the Fox (their motif is adorable). On the day I happened to instigate my coffee-diet, which lasted no longer than the time it took for L to declare her cup as great, and for me to order my typical latte. The foam is thick and the rest of the latte is just as sleek and dandy.
Honestly it's been a bit too long since i had these corn fritters to remember much about them (blogger didn't save my notes on it, the reliable thing) . Just something about being salty, but otherwise mildly crispy, not too floury and on the lighter side. Avocado salsa contained cubed red onion as well, which made for a refreshing chomp now and again.

I'm normally not one for passionfruit, but this wasn't bad at all. The yoghurt sorbet acted as a delightfully cool palate cleanser so that as soon as the saccharine flavours became too much for me, a spoon of sorbet wiped the slate and i was back to tackle the place. Given that the cheesecake was deconstructed, the biscuit 'base' was much on the crunchier side.

Chocolate panna cotta, which was more mousse like. Too sweet for my liking (i'm a darkchoc fan) L particularly enjoyed the crackle pop of the chocolate sprawled across.

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501 Lt. Collins Street, CBD

Potato was really smooth and creamy, with a good zang - the addition of mustard? Assuming BrimCC is consistent, I declare them the makers of my favourite curry. Slightly viscous, but not so much that it clumped together into less than attractive lumps, and not so little so it dripped sloppily over the rice.

Vegetables were sooooooft, as was the beef. There really needs to be a better word than 'tender' for this.

Nevermind that I just had coffee and cake. I finished both of the bowls because it was just that good, for only 9.50 too! And it was the good bloated, not the type where i need to find a place the empty the contents of my stomach, then a gutter to pass out.

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