Sunday, July 22, 2012

Middle Fish

Middle Fish
122-128 Berkeley St

 Thursday lunch with A, B, and K. Following three, albeit short, enriching lectures we popped over to Berkeley street with the intention of eating at Seven Seeds. Given that it was lunch time, we were in for a wait, but decided to forego it in favour of Middle Fish, the Thai place several meters away. 

Eateries converted from warehouses and other old buildings we're all used to by now, but with an oriental touch? That's new, for me at least.

 There you've got faded brick walls. Next to it you have sleeker, modern red booths whereas the next tables over are looking more modest.  Water comes in ceremonious looking metal bowls.

Table of ingredients and sauces, to sell, maybe? Then there's that oddly placed circular table. It's in plain sight, and seems to be a table for two, given the two cutlery sets, but then there's only one chair. While I'm gradually getting used to solo dining, the awkward placing of the table would horrify me xD

B's hot chocolate. That's actually a very nice blue.

My stir-fried pork. After being soaked in the sauce, it really wasn't all that crispy. The first bite confused me. It was mildly spicy, but also very dry. More peppery in characteristics since it left my throat with this itchy feeling and wanting to cough. Eventually the chilli revealed itself and left my tongue in a constant pinging state, which was strangely nice and far from how painful it sounds.

A's beef salad - something about the sauce being really sweet.

Alot. Of beef. That hid a few pieces of potato and carrot. K couldn't finish it and needed to take away about half of it. I'm guessing she would have preferred more proportions, given the slight aversion she eventually developed to the meat and her longing for extra roti ^^;

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This post comes over a week late because I've only just discovered the single place in my room where the internet will not bail out on me. The floor is far from being a comfortable place TT

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