Monday, August 13, 2012

65 Degrees

65 Degrees
309 Exhibition St
Breakfast with my pseudo parents, or at least, pseudo mother and a fatherly figure.

Numero cinque,
 This is the second time that I've knowingly tried Gridlock coffee, which doesn't seem to agree with me, so I'll refrain from any further judgement.

 Eggs Benedict

Omelette. Apparently very filling with an extra slice of bread hiding underneath.
Corn fritters with poached eggs, spinach and avocado
Hmm... they aren't the best I've had. The fritters were more like pancakes and had too much batter. I'm not too picky about my poached eggs, but if we're going to be strict, they were cooked for too long and parts of the yolk had started to cook, while the relish had a much larger ratio of sauce than to vegetables.

Maybe I walked in with expectations that were far too high.

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