Sunday, August 26, 2012

My Mind is A Wonderland. My Mind is A Horror Movie.

This. Is going to be one long catch up post.

Dessert Story
Funny how despite not being a fan of the place, I continue to return. It's like getting ice cream at Maccas I guess - maybe not the best ice cream you'll ever have, but it satisfies.

This was on Sunday. Two friends. Two colds. One plate of shaved ice and ice cream, topped with assorted fruits for needed Vitamin C. It's good to have a balanced diet.

Gardiner and Field
Armadale, I'm jealous. As if you were lacking in good cafes, now you've got Gardiner and Field too and I'm sitting at home staring at distasteful packets of instant coffee ==

 Mint is starting to grow on me. It's such a lovely colour and exudes much friendliness :) Latte wasn't too strong, but good in a 'I wouldn't mind another cup' way.

L's rhubarb tacos. Tried a bit, discovered my dislike for rhubarb.
Barley with pomegranate, rocket, toasted almonds and orange slices.

Healthiest meal I've had all year. Also one of the longest considering how long it took to chew ^^; Otherwise, I liked the salad. Almonds are a love of mine and provided a crunch whereas the pomegranate gems coloured each forkful with a delightfully sweet-sour tinge.

L's rather delighted at how the places we've been to lately are staffed with eye candy xD

Literature lane
Food adventures teach me to be patient. Since they opened at 8am, I had spare time to kill and dropped off at Badger & Hawk for a morning coffee (so very creamy), before doing some light reading at MC and coincidentally met K. She had a meeting in the morning though, so this venture was a solo one.
Directions: From Swanston street, turn left into Little La Trobe street where you'll soon hit a laneway labelled as Literature lane. Smack bang in front of you, you can't miss it, especially with the little wooden letters sitting on the ledge, declaring you've found some wonderful steamed buns.

Being so close to MC, it means I'll no longer have to deal with hurriedly heated instant types in the microwave, with their dried out skins and soggy bases ^^;
This isn't the greatest food porn you've seen and I'm sure I can hear screams of 'take it off!' Sorry to tickle your tastebuds but I was an idiot and took these photos with the buns fully 'clothed' ^^;

I had a Char Siu Bao (pork bun), a Choi bao (vegetable bun) and a hot soya bean drink. The steamed buns are delightfully soft and fluffy. The fillings are comparatively less, but considering it's the CBD, I think it's understandable. The flavours are quite mild too, so the pork isn't a salty adventure. Choi bao smelt strongly of mushrooms. Funny how I hate the fungus but choi baos continue to be one of my favourites o__O

 The soyabean is only slightly sweet. Just right for my tastes :)

Crossley street

Friday night without a booking. We were rejected by four places until we finally struck gold with Gingerboy. Pretty bar with its many bottles and striking coloured liquids.

Salt and pepper chicken spare ribs with green tea sauce. Salt overboard.
Pork Belly. Tender with a thin piece of crackling. Not overly rich, and supported by sweet chilli sauce and crunchy vegetables.
Grilled lamb in la lot leaves. 
So good. So so good. I realise that says nothing xD The lamb is very juicy and an explosion of flavour. Water chestnuts add to the amount of juice and texture wise works brilliantly.

Virginia Plain
31 Flinders street, CBD

We arrived late on opening night to discover an amazingly large space before us, the kitchen fitted at the back and to the left side, an impressively long bar. With its dim lighting but blaring music, it had a great casual atmosphere and clean, interesting aesthetics.
T's earl grey tea. Very cute tea pot.
Hot chocolate. Taken purely because it was like an ink blot. I saw a woman with long hair while L and T  saw a woman with her child.
The swirled, contrasting shades of my latte (and the two after that one) were pretty.
L's much loved apple tart received repeated praise.
Mandarin cheesecake, deconstructed.
Chocolate fondant with milk ice cream.
Can't go wrong with this one. Dainty and pretty with I-can't-remember-what dots and a careful trail of biscuit crumbs, the chocolate sauce that oozes from the delectable cake is deadly. I need seconds.

Amazing staff. The type of people who'd be interesting to get to know because of how friendly and casual they were completed the package. I daresay Virginia Plain has a future as the champion of my favourites list to where I'll continually make excuses to visit. 

I've still got my eye on that Beef Wellington ;)

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