Saturday, August 11, 2012


500 Victoria Street
North Melbourne

Spontaneously decided to eat out on a Saturday with no bookings, Red Spice Road was fully booked out. As was Aspro Ble. Didn't realise that Japanese down Hardware lane was closed either, and finally opted for Libertine, since the parents were keen on trying truffles.

We ordered a mixture of specials and items from the menu, so excuse me when the descriptions seem vague.

Complimentary entree. Crispbread with a generous smear of pork belly & liver pate. Personally I dislike the pervading aftertaste of pate, its density and characteristic of overstaying its welcome on the palate.

Braised goat with winter root vegetables, for two + shaved truffles, from Western Australia I believe. Tried a fork of the goat which was lusciously tender and minimal odour. Juices didn't seem to have seeped unto the inner sections though, making it rather bland.

I assure you it's unintentional, but I don't seem to like 'gourmet foods'. General dislike of seafood cuts out a major portion of the list alone, pate as previously mentioned, and now truffles. I thought it smelled like chlorine! Pungent, though not quite sharp to the olfactory sense.

Black angus eye fillet, medium rare. Could definitely detect the wine in the sauce.

Goat's curd and lemon cheesecake

Caramel souffle and pistachio ice cream. Fluffy, though a teensy bit grainy.

Dark Chocolate and prunes clafoutis. Not sure what a typical one is like, but this one had three large prune hiding beneath the surface. Reomve them and there isn't much chocolate left. Shortbread was dry, not too buttery  (but healthier?). Not sure as to what the sauce was - it was quite viscous, and bittersweet.

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