Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Seddon Deadly Sins

Seddon Deadly Sins
148 Victoria St, Seddon

Good advice I need to take onboard. You too :P
The man was very helpful! After gesturing to the chalkboard where all the specials were written down, I revealed that I hadn't brought my glasses and couldn't read them, to where he proceeded to recite them all the specials out. Muchly appreciated xD

This was mother's filo pastry case, contents including sausage and assorted types of mushrooms (there was enoki too!)

Seems like 'Wrath' (baked eggs) is the sin I'm most guilty of haha!
In that case, the dish is aptly named, the tomato sauce looks vaguely like blood boiling :P Chorizo is always hard to turn down, so this item agreed with me.

No space for cheesecake this time! But should you hop over to SDS, I'd recommend you to help yourself to one ;D

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