Tuesday, August 7, 2012

St Ali - Common Galaxia

St Ali
12/18 Yarra Place
South Melbourne

Yes, with the sudden influx of posts and rapid declining of places on the 'pending' page, you may be able to guess that I'm procrastinating again ^^v
"My Mexican Cousin"
From the other, other side of the family.

I'll be frank (Woodley! No that's a lie already), if ever there's some ingredient listed towards the end of the description, I automatically assume it's some type of cheese. Google confirms that obscure sliver of tofu looking garnish is haloumi - I'm learning!

Fritters were alot crispier than I prefer, though the insides were still fluff-ay. Definitely would have liked more relish, since that was the main component that gave my tongue the satisfaction of being attacked by flavour. For $21.50, this was upsetting.

L likened her flat white to water, far from creamy. My latte was a 'meh'. Sure there was the characteristic scent and taste of caffeine, but at the same time it was as if I hadn't had anything. 

Otherwise, staff were very friendly and humourous :)

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Common Galaxia
Shop 3/130 Victoria St


I owe it all to this cafe. Were it not for CG, I would have spent the next 20 years continuing to cross the intersection of Buckley and Victoria without once turning it to discover the wonderful shops that crowd the street. Only downside is they're closed on Monday, my half days ;____;

Seven Seeds house blend. Mother was a very, very happy child parent.

Baked eggs with warialda beef chorizo, roasted peppers, passata w chili, coriander & yoghurt
 Oven baked zucchini fritters w house cured citrus & juniper berry salmon, green tea smoked egg & lemon spiked creme fraiche(18.50)

Fritters weren't bad, if on the smaller side. Completely missed all the subtler elements listed in the menu, my one comment is the dish wasn't great as a whole. It's like having several groups of good friends that you associate yourself with, but they never congregate in the one place. The plate was a collection of foods fine on their own, but nothing really sparked when I combined the worlds.

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