Thursday, August 30, 2012

Twenty Six Letters of Which I Chose Four

Twenty & Six Espresso
594 Queensberry Street
North Melbourne

It's another revisit post! (See me) I've been doing that quite alot lately, guess I'm beginning to tire of the hurry to cross off all those places on the wishlist. The large Sunday brunch crowd has always been a huge deterrent, but we finally braved them and put our names down on the waitlist. We were told wait time would be 45 minutes, though thankfully we only waited a third of that :D

They've ruined me. This. Hot chocolate. My expectations were fulfilled, and will never come down ever again.  Lusciously thick, it glides smoothly down your throat, leaving you with a warm fuzzy feeling…of sadness (Why did I not try you sooner during winter ;___; Parting is such sweet sorrow m’dear.)
Chai latte. What is chai? All I took away from this was the scent of mixed spice. On an unrelated note, I really like the cup and saucer. Without the handle, I was free to grip the cup in both hands and breathe in the fragrance, and mint is a lovely colour ^^
Tuna steak with potato and wasabi mash! Wasabi is a cunning little basard that works its way through, then back out the nostrils causing a comical flaring sensation and picture. Dabbing it in soy sauce helps.
Tokyo salad featuring stars like  soba and chicken. While I love the texture of sesame seeds, when scattered it reminds me too much of ants ^^; Too much sesame oil for me, so I eventually switched dishes with Mother.
What I've learnt from this second visit, is that I adore this place for more superficial reasons ^^; Food wise, I'm more inclined to return for sweet treats ie. hot chocolate and sweet loaf.

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