Thursday, September 13, 2012


Bipolar, because each one meal was at the oldest end of the 'to be blogged' continuum, and Mr Mason was the most recent. There there post, you can have your freedom now.

Coin Laundry
61 Armadale St, Armadale

The wonderful thing about documenting your travels, whether you choose to do so in the form of a journal, a photobook, a blog, tweets, fb etc. is how it's permanent, and you can note with interest how  you've changed along the way. Over five months later, I don't think I've gotten very far in terms of increasing my food knowledge. If anything, my mental state has been affected more greatly. 

Solo dining sounds confronting, but it's not bad at all when you'd like some peace and quiet. On days like these, I make sure to have a book in tow and shove away all the tumbling, troubling thoughts.
 Sweet corn fritters w/ avocado puree, feta and chicory dressed with crème fraiche  ($17)

 Alot of layers going on here. Crispy fritters, soft batter, the pitched crunch of red onion and chicory and the shattering of cauliflower, all melded together with pureed avocado. Interesting. Other than the sour bashes from the feta, it was comparatively light and more texture focused. Fritters had a curry touch to them. 

Mr Mason
530 Little Collins Street, CBD

Chocolate leather couches.
Super food muesli; mixed grains, dried berries, yoghurt, poached fruit ($11)
Baked eggs, goat’s cheese, hand rolled sausages, peppers & baby spinach ($13)

Now that I think about it, I didn't remember biting into sausages at all. Spent too long cooking and the eggs emerged to be quite tough. Pre-buttered toast.

Need to pay L$1.

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