Saturday, September 1, 2012

Luca Haus

Luca Haus
86a Charles Street, Seddon

Random fact. When Mother asks if I want to go with her to 'buy some apples', it really means 'let'sgoandgetbreakfastbutnotletdadknow'. Not that it isn't obvious at all, because who spends over an hour buying apples? (In an attempt to honour the front though, we do return with a bag of fruit)
Mother's Veg Breakfast.
Aaaand my scrambled eggs with chorizo and green chilli jam. 
Definitely one of the least healthiest breakfasts I've had before, but also one of the greatest. Chorizo you can't go wrong with. Eggs were packed and dense, but all my attention was focused on the chilli jam. Being a poor chilli eater, the first few tastes had me reaching for the glass of water ever so often but truly it was great, sweet and spicy. I slathered it all over the eggs and had such a ball I actually finished eating before Mother dear. Considering my eating speeds of late, this is actually a mini feat xD

You may have noticed the eggs and chorizo sitting on the toast. Fear not, it was thick with both sides well toasted and so still very much crisp after I worked my way through the mains, and I finished by piling more jam on it.

Luca Haus also sells a variety of other products, from teas, coffees, sauces to packaged treats and other goods that have slipped my mind ^^; We took home some spiced cookies from Holland, great with tea :)

Luurvely start to the day!

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