Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Father's Office

Father’s Office
249 Lt. Lonsdale Street

Being a cheap person I was determined on making it to Father’s Office prior to the end of their opening promotion, and managed to on the ending Sunday.
We turned up at around 5.30 and head straight for the balcony, stopping shortly to examine the 'bookshelf' along the staircase (it's pretty cool). A third of the way through Spring, but the chilly weather can still fool me into thinking it's Winter, other than how bright it still was.
The view. While we're here, thanks to L for running around taking pictures of all the non-food stuffs.
From left to right: 
Westside Rider, South Side Swing and Daisy Duke.

No idea what that last glass was, but we were told to mix it with the SSS if we got bored. Mental note says I didn't like the Westside Rider, but the other two were good.

PORK & FENNEL SAUSAGES drowned in pear cider, smashed red potatoes and caramelised onion
Don't you think that's a very nice shade of blue? Sorry, you were probably looking at something else. Anywho, these were damn good and juicy, thanks very much to the pear cider. The relish was a bit 'meh' since they were fine enough on their own. My Asian side protested adding water chestnuts would have been nice too, just for texture xD
Creamed spinach
Taught me an invaluable lesson.
CERTIFIED BLACK ANGUS APPLE & BEEF BURGER pattie with beer battered fries
It paled in comparison to the sausages since the pattie was alot drier. The bun was also a bit grainy and far from fluff-ay. Chips were good though, light and crisp.
Digging in.
Eventually the wind blew, the temperature dropped and I was freezing -.- We eventually migrated indoors and took over a couch each. Yes we're greedy.
Ze 'fireplace'. It won't warm you up in the slightest considering the flames are actually on a screen, but hey, it was a nice touch.
Sunday night crowd.
Some massive decorations with the chandelier and disco ball. I'm not sure how to describe the place, other than this is far from what my father's office ever looked like.
I have a lousy tolerance for alcohol, or maybe it was just my massive sleep deprivation on the day, but by this time I was feeling incredibly sleepy and I've no idea what these were. 
But I'll try my best to stay awake if it's for dessert.
L had a red velvet cake. It had been chilled and was thick and dense, but tasted very dull. Something about the combined texture of the cake and icing just didn't feel right.
Dark chocolate ganache with a Cointreau cream.
Thick and creamy, not as sweet as other ‘dark chocolate’ ones I’ve had either :3
Baked Cheesecake. Funny thing, I swear this was gelatine based .__. Unfortunately this didn't make it to my mental list of favourites.
L's final drink - dulce le leche? - at Father's Office.
Pop in and do see your Father soon.

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