Monday, October 1, 2012

Jantra Thai Restaurant

Jantra Thai Restaurant
9 Ashley Street, Braybrook

Large spacey area. They're open for breakfast too and serve coffee, which was, on this occasion, burnt. Nevermind, we were here for lunch, and lunch we judged.

Mother had steamed fish fillets served with stir fried vegetables and ginger,(18.80) with a side of coconut rice (3.80 w00! Kinda gluggy though.) Firm flesh, moderately crunchy veggies. Another case of ‘nothing particularly wrong, but nothing particularly standoutish either’. Let’s call it NPWBNPSE from now on. Bets on how quickly I forget it? I kid. I am a kid. I’m a young old person.

I ordered a lunch special, deep fried fish fillet with sweet and sour sauce (9.80). Hurh…would have liked more sauce, it was quite clogged with solids. Pineapple was obscenely sour and I found the tomatoes too heavy and overwhelming, so eventually I slipped the layer off and filled up on fish and rice. 

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